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Assignment — difficult multilevel social and economic process. It corresponds to structure of economic life and develops together with it. People mainly appropriated to gifts of the nature by means of a, hunting and fisheries. Then there were two types of economy — appropriating (dealing with ready gifts of the nature) and making. They coexist still though the role of each of them in economy of the different countries is not identical. Both types of economy can take the form of natural or commodity production or combine both forms. So the relations of assignment were added with a, an exchange and distribution.

The property as the objective relation penetrating all public long since involved thinkers. Representatives of different civilizations stated the opinion of the nature of property and its role in development of society.

Property – the phenomenon difficult and multidimensional. Two forms of ownership – the general and private are historically known. They differ among themselves with the nationalization level, character, forms and ways of assignment.

The civilization of Ancient Rome had other ideals. Here for the first time the personality from the community, the feeling of a sort interfering identity development began to be overcome. At the heart of stoicism the idea of the personality and responsibility is put. The preference was given to already private property.