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At the movement on an azimuth there is a need of round of obstacles which cannot be overcome directly. Thus arrive as follows. Notice a reference point on the opposite side of an obstacle in the direction of the movement, define to it distance add it to the passable way. After that having bypassed an obstacle, leave to the chosen reference point and determine the direction of the movement by a compass.

to rise facing observed object (reference point), to release a brake of an arrow of a compass and, having given to a compass horizontal situation, to turn it until the northern end of an arrow does not rise against zero division of a scale. Holding a compass in the focused situation, turn of the rotating cover to direct the vizirny line passing through a cut and a front sight in the set direction on this subject. The average error of measurement of an azimuth a compass makes about 2 degrees.

Magnetic azimuth. Definition of the direction of the movement on a magnetic azimuth. Keeping of the direction of the movement on a compass, intermediate and auxiliary reference points, heavenly bodies. Movement of an azimuth in the afternoon.

One of ways of measurement of distances on the district this use of distances, known on extent, on the district (a power line – distance between support, distance between communication lines, etc.).