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In definition of waste-free production the consumption stage that imposes restrictions on properties of the made consumption products is considered, influences their quality. The main requirements – reliability, durability, possibility of return to a cycle for processing or transformations into ecologically harmless form.

In Tsimlyansk average annual concentration of the defined polluting substances did not exceed maximum permissible values. The tendency to further decrease in concentration of harmful impurity is over the last 5 years observed.

The inspection structure constantly exercises control over implementation of plans of nature protection activity at the enterprises approved for the reporting period. The actions which are not demanding large material inputs, as a rule, are carried out in due time. Reduction of production of products, long idle times of the enterprises and, as a result, lack of financing led to non-performance of the actions demanding considerable material inputs at a number of the enterprises.

At all huge arsenal of modern gas-cleaning equipment the radical decision after all there is a creation of the technological processes based on the complex use of raw materials which is not giving the waste capable to pollute environment.

It is known that the person without food can live some tens days, without water – some days, and without air – no more than several minutes. The total of air in the atmosphere makes 5,1510 t., and the contents in it – is five times less than oxygen. It is a lot of. And to be afraid that in the long term it will not be enough, obviously, does not follow, even at consumption increase by all live organisms and expenditures for production needs.

The most important component of the concept of waste-free production are also concepts of normal functioning of environment and the damage caused to it by negative anthropogenous impact. The concept of waste-free production is based that production, inevitably influencing environment, does not break its normal functioning.

Creation of waste-free production represents the long and gradual process demanding the solution of a number of the interconnected technological, economic, organizational and other tasks. In a basis of creation of waste-free industrial production in practice essentially new technological processes and the equipment have to be put first of all.

The polluting substance – the impurity in atmospheric air making an adverse effect on health of the person, objects of a plant and animal life and other components of surrounding environment at certain concentration or causing damage to material values.

It is necessary to emphasize, however, what exactly for many enterprises of this branch rather high concentration of emissions of harmful substances in so-called selitetny air is characteristic (that is in air near the relevant enterprises).

Gas-purifying and dust removal systems divide on technological and sanitary. Installations of technological cleaning are the constructions and devices which are switched on in technological process and excluding gas emissions in the atmosphere. Installations of sanitary cleaning are the constructions and devices interfering harmful technological and ventilating emissions, and also employees for return of raw materials.

The indicator changes in different reservoirs, but in undisturbed to environment range the verse of changes is strictly limited. Natural waters and soils possess buffer opportunities, they are capable to neutralize a certain part of acid and to keep Wednesday. However it is obvious that buffer abilities of the nature are not boundless.