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The mediated economic communications are less economic. They additional costs of a covering of expenses of activity of between the enterprises-potrebiyotelyami and the enterprises-izgotoviyotelyami.

It is expedient to apply a transit form when material in large numbers that gives the chance to them full-load cars or others of a transport are required for consumers.

Apparently from the above, value of logistics for the hotel enterprise is very great. The situation at the enterprise, quality of customer service in many respects depends on its correct organization. In other words, it not only ensures normal functioning of hotel, but in total with other qualitative characteristics of its activity defines its position in the market of hotel services.

Direct economic connections for the enterprises ­ the most economic and progressive on a with indirect as they, excepting intermediaries, ­, strengthen between suppliers and. of production become more regular and.

The preparatory stock usually is accepted at a rate of 0,5 – 1 day necessary for reception and unpacking. Therefore this stock will be equal to need of hotel for hospitality subjects for 1 day, i.e.

Both the direct, and mediated communications can have long and short-term character. Long communications — a form material ­ supply. In this case a have a to develop on a long-term basis a with suppliers.