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How I went from a 2 to ace college interviews Understanding how to become a memory master

In the existing digital systems it is necessary to apply the standard skhemotekhnologiya of construction the ENCORE possessing prevalence to an integration possibility. Therefore, for the realization the developed device demands certain industrial practices of various technologies. At the present stage productivity of this or that technology cannot be measured only by quantity of elements (most often the transistor on unit of area as it often becomes for integrated schemes. Logical function (And - NE or ILI-N realized on one technology is unreliable equivalent by quantity of elements of the corresponding logical function realized on the basis of other technology therefore the number of elements per unit area is not the main criterion of comparison of technologies. In this case also other characteristics ENCORE realized on the basis of different technologies, the functionality reflecting them, ways of realization of logical functions are important.

Producers of various electronic components try to make time of a time between failures as much as possible, in order that at integration of these components in one device (on one printing payments time of a time between failures too would be big (at integration components time of a time between failures decreases approximately in time). And therefore time of the time between failures given the ENCORE makes about 114 years, i.e. it is much more obsolescence term.