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Rod Manzhetka – Alchemilla. Exclusively polymorphic sort. The number of types exceeds 35 Grassy plants, quite often on flat and mountain meadows act as the main component of a vegetable cover. Flowers four-membered and four-circular. The major types: a manzhetka shershavostebelny – A. Hirsuticaulis, a manzhetka foggy – And. Nebulosa, a manzhetka heptagonal – A. Heptagona.

The valdshteyniya of gravilatovidny (Waldsteinia geoides) – grassy European perennial – for a sonovaniye of petals has ears which a canopy close nectar in a gipantiya. At this look it is sharply expressed the protogenius, columns with susceptible rylets are given over a flower when stamens still of an iskivlena inside (as in a bud and their boots are closed. Pollinators can extract nectar only through cracks between ears.

The greatest number of types of krasnotsvetkovy dogroses, including endemic, grows in the northern and mid-mountain woods and partly on meadows in a subalpine belt, rozovotsvetkovy – in steppe and forest-steppe zones in the southeast of Europe.